Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai the Governor of Kaduna state has stated that a repented or rehabilitated bokoharam members is Eligible to become a minister or a top Nigerian political stakeholder.

The statement was made public during the state security council meeting, regarding the insurgency in southern Kaduna, the governor stated that the bokoharam are not to be mistreated in disguise as a bandit, but should be allowed to repent in other to protect and participate in the national security agency such as the police, Army, DSS or Navy.

Meanwhile he went further stating that “all Nigerians must not underrate an Ex bokoharam member campaigning for a political position, either as a governor or president”.

He said to be speaking with the Nigerian security agency and government to ensure that all lives of Nigerians is to be safe including the Repented bokoharam members, in other to restore peace and normalcy in the country.


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