In 2016 we were the first, and, for months, the only daily newspaper to endorse Donald Trump because we believed that the nation was in dire need for a change.

He promised to make many changes, among them, tax reform, creating new jobs, bringing businesses back to the U.S., reversing bad international deals like NAFTA and the TPP made by prior administrations. And he has made good on those promises.

He has traveled the globe, restoring America’s prominence; ended wars, created new relationships with North Korea, made good on prior administrations’ empty promises to move Israel’s capital to Jerusalem, and garnered a peace deal with the Arab states and Israel. He has been tough with China on its hegemony in the Pacific. Because of his leadership and action, ISIS is no more.

He has rolled back costly and stifling regulations and has worked with law enforcement to protect American communities by enforcing immigration laws, by prioritizing the targeting of gang members, especially MS-13, all of which has made our country safer from external threats.

The president took on drug abuse and opioid addiction with a comprehensive strategy to battle the crisis. He has ensured our country’s commitment to the veterans by streamlining the process of disability claims and signed the VA Mission Act, thereby modernizing VA health care and giving those veterans comparable health care to those outside the military, something sorely lacking in previous administrations.

He has rebuilt and modernized the military, protecting America and its allies by defeating terrorist organizations and confronting rogue nations.

Under President Trump, the U.S. has become, for the first time, energy independent — the U.S. is now the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world surpassing Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Prior to the Wuhan virus pandemic, President Trump created the greatest prosperity this country has ever seen with the lowest unemployment numbers and the highest stock exchange values.

He was proactive when the virus was still in its infancy closing the borders to China and Europe, saving countless lives.

Reading the Biden/Sanders manifesto (no, this is not a mistake, Biden has taken Sander’s mandates as his own), we realize how much trouble our nation and we as individuals, would be in when such draconian totalitarian policies were enacted, as they surely would be.

President Trump is a man who respects law and order, unlike the Democratic governors and mayors who persist in allowing rampant looting, anarchy and lawlessness in their states and towns, and unlike the Democratic candidates who continue to want to defund, or “reallocate the money for” the police — and who not only accept the violence and mayhem in these states and cities but are using these crises as blackmail — saying all will stop after they are elected.

Basically it boils down to freedom and opportunity versus dictatorship and socialism — the government in every area of our lives versus the constitutional freedoms we now enjoy.

This is not an election of personalities — it’s an election to save the country from those forces that want to “transform” it into something that is the antithesis of this country’s founding, changing for the worst the most wonderful country on Earth.


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