The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, has once again the former Abia State Governor, Orji Uzor Kalu, should see himself being among the presidential candidate for the Republic of Biafra, not from the zoo country. If not, his ambition from other country, will never be achieveable comes 2023.

” No single vote or support from the southeast, mark my word, if you failed to joined the good fight we are doing here and across the world.”

In his morning live broadcast, Nnamdi Kanu said, ” he can only be alone to contest in the Sovereignty States of Biafra, if he intentions is well know to the good citizens of Biafrans, if not, he should count himself unlucky to get any vote or support from the southeast.”

Kanu further add that, “the problem that the Biafrans had been facing, it is mainly from the bad leadership from the past and present governor’s from the southeast.”

He warns, ” we the good citizens of Biafrans won’t support any coward of leaders who didn’t support our struggle and fight to restored the Republic of Biafra to it’s right place to become one of the leading developed nations in the world.

“We are only waiting to see the quick response from the United Nations, UN, before the Igbos politicians will see the other side of us.”

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No doubt, Kanu, strongly dedicate this agitation for the Sovereignty States of Biafra into God’s hand and believe Chukwu Abiama, the great Elohim will see them through to the promise Land in the day of the Israelites.
Kanu, In his wisdom, ” it took Israelites years to free from the captivity of the Egyptian, under the leadership of King Pharaoh, but, we the Biafrans still will only took us months to be free from the zoo country,” he said.

According to Biafra Daily Magazine, Nnamdi Kanu is seriously on the neck of the United Nations to quickly approved his request as he has dropped the necessary documentation which were requested from the leaders.
“Truly a leader like Nnamdi Kanu is hard to get, free from corruption act, hate bribery, and took on his ground to die for a cause, only want the good citizens are from the capitivity of a zoo country called Nigeria.”

Kanu advice, ” what we the entire front fighter for the actualization of Biafra needs, is the good prayers from all faithful Biafrans and our supporters across the world to do for us.”

“God bless the good citizens of Biafrans and God bless the Republic of Biafra, Kanu concludes.


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