Jeremiah Useni has declared that he is ready to fight to keep Nigeria together – The former military officer said this while reacting to calls for the break up of the country – Going further, he said Nigeria’s civil war experience was a bad experience

Jeremiah Useni, former military administrator of the defunct Bendel state and an active participant in the Nigerian civil war of 1967 to 1970 has declared that he is ready to fight again to keep Nigeria together.

He said this against the backdrop of some agitation for the breakup of Nigeria by some section of the country. Useni who is a one-time minister of transport and aviation and minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) disclosed this while giving an assessment of Nigeria after 60 years of independence.

According to him, there have been many experiences, both good and bad in the country, Tribune reports. “Yes, I still believe in one Nigeria. If anything happens to give me the impression that somebody wants to divide Nigeria, I will fight to keep Nigeria one,” he said. Going further, he spoke on his experience of the civil war.

According to him, the experience was not nice because brothers were fighting against brothers. Useni has declared that he is ready to fight to keep Nigeria together.


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