One of the strongest man the nation has ever had, The Former Military President of Nigeria, Gen Ibrahim Babangida(retd), IBB, who voiced that it was brainless to say the military created the country’s problems, as civilians were the ones in charge of the system runnings.

Gen Ibrahim Babangida(retd), who was at the steering wheel of affairs of the country from 1986 to 1993, said the exhortation, parastatals and system were run by civilians, so if there are any issues, it would be wrong to say the military beget them.

Live with Channels TV on Friday night Gen Ibrahim Babangida(retd) discloses.

His expressions read“You were there to show us how the civil service run things, how the institution works; the system of governance. All these are civilians’ liberty.

“What We created isn’t problems. We created the foundation for subsequent agency to build on: infrastructure, democracy and free-market economy.

“We were able to capture and bring to our country what the world is doing.”

However, he noted, only a stupid soldier would seize power today, as is currently happening in Mali.

He further added that, the world has become smaller and embraced democracy, so “I said foolish because the moment you take over ECOWAS, AU, EU, UN, the Super Powers will come after you with approbation.”

Babangida said such detractions would not allow a military government function.

Asked why it seems the military reign in Nigeria built the best and lasting infrastructure in the country, IBB voiced: “A civilian government has so many stages and politics to contend with.

“But a military government sees a need, such as a road that needs to be constructed and just does it,” IBB supplements.


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