A reply from a Fulani Janjaweed and my response to him:Aminu Audu : All these bloody civilians don’t even know how things work in Nigeria. Ojukwu who was a General tried till he was sent to exile so keep entertaining the gullible as usual.‌Me: Aminu Audu, things have changed too far. Before we embarked on this journey of breaking Nigeria and having our freedom restored, we studied and made an extensive research on why Ojukwu didn’t succeed to resore Biafra that time.

We discovered that there was a media blockade. Fulani deceived Yoruba and they used their media to lie to the world that Ojukwu was a rebel. The world bought into it because there was no way Biafrans can debunk it that time for lack of media space. The world powers like UK, Russia, Saudi Arebia and many Islamic countries like Egypt, Pakistan etc helped Nigeria to commit suicide against humanity and succeeded in stopping Biafra then.

Ojukwu didn’t have enough time to plan for the war. It was the conspiracy of the world that made Biafra to surrender then not that Fulani defeated Biafra because Fulani have never fought any war alone and defeat. They will always go to war with allies. Then, our people were not educated enough to create awareness.

Now that we the new generation of Biafrans, who have studied history emerged, we are not going to repeat the same mistakes Ojukwu made. That’s why we have taken over the media space to create much awareness and that’s exactly what we’re doing right now and the badly educated Fulani Janjaweeds are calling us online country because of the huge success we have recorded in the media space which is the key to our freedom.

That’s why they are doing everything humanly possibly to stop Radio Biafra but they can’t because we’re more educated than them. The zoo mask wearer parading himself as Buhari in Aso Rock recently approved the whooping some of #654m to stop Radio Biafra but they have wasted the money. You can’t stop radio Biafra because radio Biafra is transmitting via space satellite and the zoo is not scientifically potent enough to go to space and disconnect our radio Biafra signal. In less than 6 weeks now, radio Biafra will be heard in Katrina according yo our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, precisely Daura.

Presently, Biafrans are all over the world and the agitation for Biafra restoration have gone to all nook and crannies of the world. Our Yoruba brethrens have seen the deceit of Fulani and they have risen to restore Oduduwa Republic. Likewise, Meddle Belt is also coming up. So all the people that helped Fulani to fight Biafra in 1967 to 1970 have all deserted them both locally and internationally having realized what they represent.

Therefore, if we are going to fight another war if they fail to grant us our request of conducting a referendum, believe you me, things will never be the same. Remember that Ojukwu or Biafra was not defeated rather, they surrendered then knowing full well that a generation like us that will restore Biafra is going to emerge and here we are today to restore our motherland. Biafra, Oduduwa and probably Middle Belt republic are coming.


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