A Nigerian Tribune Columnist, Author, and Associate Professor of Kennes Saw State University, Farooq Kperogi has boasted President Mohammadu Buhari regarding his reaction during the presentation of #EndSARS protestors’ demand in Aso Rock.

Kperogi, who authored one of the trending books, Glocal English and Nigeria’s Digital Diaspora, reacted on his Twitter handle (@farooqkperogi) on Monday, said Nigeria has only insentient, breathing mannequin as a President.

Referencing based on the footage attached to his post, the Columnist maintained that the country has no president existing in Aso Rock queried why the Lagos State governor, Sanwo-olu, would brief Buhari respect SARS protest instead of IGP.

He noted that the president neither has no clue on what is unfolding nor aware he is alive.

A viral video obtained by #SCANNEWS24 indicated president Buhari laughing out while Sanwo-olu was tabling some of the striking requests by protesters calling to disband the Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

It was difficult to understand what appeared funny and amusing in Sanwo-olu’s briefing.

The focused scene caught the governor in the closed-door meeting said outside his state Trust Fund, the protestors want the federal to set up another for the family of those killed by Police, immediately Mr president laughed.

The governor continued, said the demonstrators also want the governments to increase the salary of the Police and the IGP has taken steps to the regard.

We reported earlier that President Buhari’s friend and former APC leader, Buba Galadima during one of his public presentations asserted that the man in Aso Rock is not Buhari he knew.


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