The Official Twitter account of the National Broadcasting Commission has been hacked by a group suspected to be promoting the #EndSARS protests.

The hacks, after taking over the Twitter handle announced themselves as “Anonymous” Group

This is coming days into the #ENDSARS protests that have persisted in several locations in Nigeria. However, a recent Tweet by the Special Assistant to President Muhammad Buhari, said, says that the account had been re-possessed by the NBC through the assistance of Twitter.

Earlier visits to the Twitter handle, @nbcgovng, shows that post on the handle were in support of #EndSARS as at Friday afternoon.

Posts on the Twitter handle showed that the last official post was made on October 15.

At noon of 15th October 2020, the hackers had posted an mage educating people about the #EndSARS protest with the official logo of NBC attached.

The hackers said they have a mission to “expose the government’s secrets and dirty files”.

“#EndSARSBrutality #EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeriaNow – We #Anonymous Group Of Hackers will continue supporting the citizens of Nigeria. Expect Us – #Hacked,” the hackers announced.

The encouraged Nigerians to indicate which government agencies they would want hacked next.

Recall that the NBC Twitter Account was created in 2013 and has had this tagline, “the Official Twitter Account of the National Broadcasting Commission – Nigeria’s Broadcast Industry Regulator. NBC… Your Right to Quality Broadcasting.”


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