#EndSARS protesters who have been out on the streets for over a week have taken their advocacy to another level, through the launch of an online radio.

Dubbed “Soro Soke Radio”, songs that align with the objectives of the protesters are currently being played on the station.

Soro Soke is a Yoruba term which means speak up.

The protests against the excesses of the special anti-robbery squad (SARS) have continued to gather momentum.

Meanwhile, several Nigerians have taken to social media platforms, especially Twitter to react to the launch of the online radio.

While some commended the initiative, others kicked against it, questioning its usefulness.

“How many million Nigerians know the meaning of Soro Soke? Must we regionalize everything in this country? This is the same thing that brought us here in the first place. I’m tired of this country,” a Twitter user wrote.

“We’re making sense and passing a serious message to the ruling class,” another user wrote.

Here are the things some people have said so far:

FG would need N3trn to setup this kinda online radio station. Dear FG @NGRPresident we present to you: Sorosoke FM, unfortunately you cant stop this, it’s not existing on your soil… its ONLINE, so Copy that!#EndSARS #SoroSokeGeneration #sorosokefm https://t.co/iveRzeKctA— Olu Adebamowo (@oluadebamowo) October 18, 2020 #PhotoSpeak #Nigeria#EndSARS has truly been highjacked!!! Need I say more….

Attention #Nigeria @NigeriaGov!!#ENDSARS launches online Radio #sorosoke Radio is live… https://t.co/3cytkQAfRr#sorosokewerey#NigeriaYouthsLiveMatter@DefenceInfoNG@FMICNigeria@ngrdefence pic.twitter.com/Pdg9zGMJ6i— Abiodun Borisade (@AbiodunBorisade) October 18, 2020 “Soro Soke” Radio is here live.!!! Na play them call am abi ?

ENDSARS launches online Radio Soro Soke Radio is live… https://t.co/AZ6Ls3NmoY— Simeon Usiayo (@SimeonUsiayo) October 18, 2020

Online #EndSARS protesters as your tweeting and retweeting, we have decided to create Sòro Soke radio. If you want to listen just a click and you are good to gohttps://t.co/GyBBuZ4r8t Here comes a new Nigeria #ENDBADGOVERNANCE #EndPoliceBrutality— MYKEL (@Mikkymajor) October 18, 2020 #ENDSARS launches online Radio Soro Soke Radio is live… https://t.co/m6cTlwDTdV

Buhari don buy market from Nija Youths 😄— ObainoSoft (@obainosoft) October 18, 2020


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