Obi-Enadhuze Daniel, younger brother of Okechukwu Obi-Enadhuze also known as Oke who was killed on Wednesday when hoodlums attacked at St.Paul Street, Mafoloku, Oshodi area of Lagos.

It was earlier reported that Obi-Enadhuze was killed when he was hit by a stray bullet that cops shot into the air to disperse some hoodlums.

Obi-Enadhuze, a software designer who helped designed an app used for ordering blood donations for Life Bank Services died three hours after he had tweeted “Nigeria will not end me.”

A product designer and fresh graduate of Computer Science from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, who wrote his final examinations in January, was also awaiting mobilization for the mandatory national youth service.

However, a man with @DanielOE16 handle on social media who claimed to be Obi-Enadhuze’s younger brother has given a different account of what has been circulated on social media.

According to Daniel, the thugs who attacked the police station infiltrated their house by breaking the door to ransack the house and carted away with everything stabbed his brother in the neck.


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