Ayo Makun, a Nigerian stand-up comedian better known as AY, has aimed a thinly-veiled dig at Nigeria’s electoral system by comparing it with the ongoing US elections.

The US polls commenced on Tuesday with Donald Trump, incumbent president, seeking re-election against Joe Biden, Democratic presidential candidate.

On Wednesday, AY, who claimed to have been following the election, took to his social media page to weigh in on the conduct of the polls so far.

The entertainer commended the US electoral system, noting that unlike Nigeria, there have not been cases of hoodlums — better known as ‘area boys’ — shooting and snatching ballot boxes.

“I have been following the US elections since last night, yet to hear that area boys came shooting and moved Ballot boxes oh. I just love Nigeria my country. Lol,” he wrote on Twitter.

I have been following the US elections since last night, yet to hear that AREA BOYS came shooting and moved Ballot boxes oh. I just love Nigeria my country. Lol— AY COMEDIAN (@AYCOMEDIAN) November 4, 2020

Some Nigerians who didn’t find the tweet funny took to the comment section to pour out their annoyance at the comedian. 1. Ballot boxes were hijacked and burnt. 2. Gun men shot into the air to scare voters in some areas. 3. Ballot boxes were moved away by some whites.

The election generally is FAIR but not FREE.https://t.co/qzqkLxiLV2 pic.twitter.com/7pAU8fKIb4— Edward .E. Onoriode 🍥 (@Edward_Onoriode) November 4, 2020

I’m Not Surprised, You Are A Comedian. https://t.co/xNCYYYKyCy— ♥Q#U#A#D#R#E#E♥™© 🇳🇬 ❤💙 (@UniqueQuadri) November 4, 2020

And the nonsense tweets generated thousands of retweets and likes. People whose brains 🧠 needs to be examined— FM (@oluwatayofem) November 5, 2020 An idiot spotted.

Always using the country that made him to be the butt of tasteless jokes. No wonder you cannot spot the sad stories that have trailed the US elections. https://t.co/5t3DryuVng— #ReformThePolice | Adebayo Salami (@Le_Stylo) November 4, 2020

For someone who is enlightened, educated & has access to broad range of information, AY is daft.— CONNECT WITH ZARIA (@ZARIACONNECT) November 4, 2020

FINALLY!!! YOU HAVE EXHIBITED YOUR IGNORANCE https://t.co/KecNvNevAg— Gen Ibrahim Wahab (@IbrahimWahab83) November 4, 2020

See goat with watery brain. You sha won abuse Nija but Na shame follow for u. So daft like his yeye talk he calls jokes https://t.co/Q3NhaxBwzz— F.W.O (@FWO99) November 4, 2020

You be idiot https://t.co/Aqbv3n6S2w— El Jeefe (@iam_jibola8211) November 4, 2020

Because you are monitoring it on Africa Magic Yoruba— Iyalaya (@lollylarry1) November 4, 2020

You made your name and your money here but anytime you have the chance to dig out your country you don’t hesitate. No amount of wealth is beyond curse.— Omiachi J (@krativity) November 4, 2020

See your life outside ? pic.twitter.com/lC8yrdUFV7— 😡RED 🦜 (@adeeonivehu) November 4, 2020

AY’s tweet comes amid allegations by Trump that the election has so far been riddled by irregularities while vowing to stop vote counting.

“We want all voting to stop. We don’t want them to find any ballots at 4 o’clock in the morning and add them to the list. It’s a very sad moment,” he had said on Wednesday.

“This is a fraud on the American public. This is an embarrassment to our country. We were getting ready to win this election.”


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