Minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi has stated that there is need to to go after the hoodlums responsible for burning of the Nigerian Ports Authority Headquarters in Lagos.

Speaking during a visit to the facility on Sunday November 22, the former Governor of Rivers state admitted that protests are legitimate but condemned those who hide under the guise of demonstrations to destroy public and private properties.

Amaechi tweeted;

“We toured the H/Q today & it wasn’t a good sight. If people are arrested for the crime perpetrated, they will not do it again. We have to go after the hoodlums & ensure they pay.

“The right to protest is defined in the laws of the land, it doesn’t include burning people’s private houses and public assets that belong to every Nigerian.”

Amaechi also described the damage as disastrous as he recalled being part of protests as a student. He however noted that they did not take the laws into their hands during those demonstrations.

He added;

“If you remember in 1983, during the time of Babangida and Buhari, we were always on the streets as students, we never took laws into our hands and we never destroyed people’s property.”

The Minister also asked NPA’s management to come to the cabinet and ask for funds for the reconstruction of its headquarters.


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