A Nigerian soldier, Lieutenant Peter Ogwo Josiah Was Murdered few days to his wedding ceremony, Newsmen reports.

Lieutenant Peter Ogwo Josiah whose wedding ceremony was slated for Dec 13, 2020, was last week in his duty post last week, a source told insidenaija.

As of the time of filing this report, the Nigerian Army has not yet issued any official statement as to the circumstances surrounding the death of this promising young man.

Nigerian needs a better security and good equipment for our men in the military. The rate if how the terrorist are killing our men is not what to be joke for.

Imagine a man who has already picked date for his wedding ceremony, not knowing that he won’t be there for the day. I pity the condition of his wife to be and also his family members.

May his dear soul find peace in the bosom of the Lord, and pray God give those he left behind the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable lost. He died serving his country, and we appreciate him.


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