Deploying soldiers and police on us can not stop us, we must have a reformed Nigeria again__Protesters tells Buhari.

Few months ago after the nation wide protest campaign against #Endsars brutality was ended, activists has neglected threats from government and security agencies by orgainizing fresh protest in some part of the country.

However, soldiers and policemen were deployed in some of the venues to disrupt the protests on Monday, especially in Lagos.

A Frontline member of the movement identified as Raphael Adebayo told the government to prepare for subsequent protest because the demands of the Nigerian people has not been met.

In his statement, he made mentioned that;

“After massacring peaceful protesters in Lekki, General Buhari should know that deploying soldiers is the least of his worries. The issues that brought the youth out in the first place have not been addressed.

“The police have shown Nigerians that the state judicial panels are merely window-dressing the sufferings of the victims of police brutality. The government should prepare for more protests, because as far as the #EndSARS protesters are concerned, there is no alternative to justice.”


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