Professor Amdalat Olaniyan, wife of the Deputy Governor of Oyo State, Rauf Olaniyan has said the increase in social vices across the country is the result of negligence of wards by parents.

Olaniyan who spoke in Ibadan, Oyo State, noted that social vices such as thuggery, hooliganism and kidnapping are on the increase because parents in recent times fail to monitor the activities of their children.

Olaniyan spoke while addressing parents and students at a Qur’an memorisation ceremony in Ibadan on Sunday.

She said, “Most of the social vices in the country are caused by parents negligence. It is because most of the parents do not have enough time to take care of the children that is why we have many social vices in the country.

“It is the children you teach in the name of God that will have mercy on you.

“We all know the situation in the country, there are many social vices in the country, it is because parents do not have time to monitor their children.

“Definitely, this project is our project. It is my project.”

Director of AIQM, Ali Abdussalam, advised Muslim parents not only to acquire western education but also acquire Islamic education to tackle the menace of insecurity and corruption in the country.

He said that the knowledge of Islam would inculcate the fear of Allah in individuals and help to eradicate all forms of social vices like corruption.

“Quran memorisation apart from the spiritual benefit also mode the moral of an individual.