Kingsley Moghalu, former presidential candidate of the Young Progressives Party (YPP), has come under attack on Twitter for sharing pictures where he appeared to be distributing biscuits and fruit juice packs to children in his hometown in Anambra state.


Moghalu, on Saturday, took to his Twitter handle to share pictures of himself distributing “Christmas goodies” to children sitting under a tree.


“Handing out Christmas goodies to little kids in my village in Nnewi on Christmas Day,” he captioned the pictures.

The pictures sparked harsh reactions, as some Twitter users criticised the former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for publicising the gesture, which some of them described as little to deserve publicity.


A Twitter user, @OnyeChiMereEze, tweeted: “The Igbo people that I know, do not do things the ‘feudal way’ — give alms, show it to the world. The real Igbo men and women have been spilling their blood since 1945 to ensure that we have a nation of our own, where feudalism and sharing of money will be a thing of the past.”


Responding to @OnyeChiMereEze, Moghalu wrote: “Osondi Owendi. This happens to be my timeline and it’s for my personal activities and personal views. Reserve your criticisms for elected or appointed government officials. I wish some of us would spend more of their time holding the people they elected accountable. Thank you.”


Some of his critics argued that the parents of the children can afford the items given by Moghalu, and that sharing such on social media is insensitive.


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