President Donald Trump has signed the $2.3trillion coronavirus relief and government funding bill into law.

President-elect Joe Biden had expressed concern about Trump’s delay.

“This abdication of responsibility has devastating consequences”, he warned in a statement.

The assent will forestall a government shutdown expected to begin on Tuesday.

The $900billion relief package will help Americans, registered immigrants and businesses cope with the economic shock caused by the pandemic.

Twelve million people in two pandemic unemployment programs are to receive benefits for 11 weeks.

In the breakdown, every adult and child earning up to $75,000 will get $600 direct payment. Those earning between $75,000 and $99,000 would get smaller checks.

Jobless workers will receive up to $300 per week through mid-March. Self-employed people and gig workers will also receive further assistance.

The bill provides $25billion to help families pay their rent; it extends the current eviction moratorium until January 31.

It allocates $13billion for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

The sum of $284billion Paycheck Protection Program loans has been earmarked for small business, nonprofits and local newspapers, TV and radio stations.

Additionally, $15billion would be reserved for live venues, independent movie theaters and cultural institutions.

The agreement will give child care centers $10billion to safely reopen.

It provides $68billion for purchase and distribution of vaccines, as well as COVID-19 testing.

Millions will stay connected to the internet, thanks to $7billion allotment.

Transportation-related assistance include $16billion for airlines to pay salaries, $14billion for mass transit agencies, $10billion for highways, and $1billion for Amtrak.

Schools will get $82billion for reopening, while $13billion has been set aside for farmers and agriculture.