UK-based Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi has lambasted Nigerian popular crossdresser, Bobrisky for being a threat to the trans community in Nigeria and a fraud.


Bobrisky had taken took to social media to reveal he decided to change his gender from a male to a female to earn a living.


According to Bobrisky, he changed his gender because he could not make earns meet as a man, and since he had ‘little bit of female features’ in him, he decided to try what cross-dressing look like, and ‘under one year of cross-dressing’ he started making money.


He wrote in an Instagram post:


“Dis message is for you all to read before you judge me. I was formally a man for almost 25yrs, nothing to show for it. I kept struggling even with my certificate as a graduate of accounting in university of Lagos, nothing to still show for it.

”I saw how all my females friends were cashing out back then. I went home and think about my life. If I join robbery they will end up killing me, secondly I don’t even have that heart to think to that dimension or to even scam people of their sweat 😓. while I was growing I have a little bit of female features in me, so I decide to try what cross dressing look like. Under one yr of cross dressing I started making money 💴.


”I was still surprise 😳. So I gave my body more time, rubbing expensive creams, smelling good, using more of females body pills 💊 and looking out for myself. Boom 💥more money keep coming… men admiring me, women giving me endorsements from right and left. Short story I fit in as a female to a man. God bless all d women around d world 😢😢😢😢many of you love me and accepted me, save me and I will always respect WOMEN.”

Reacting to Bobrisky’s reasons of being a crossdresser, Bisi Alimi called him out for doing that for profit and that is not what trans is about.


According to him, Bobrisky is a fraud and it’s about high time they call him what he is because he’s a man in women’s cloth just for money and fame.


Adding that he could have done his own thing and get the fame and fame he wanted without being a local mad idiot.


Bisi wrote:

“I have said this before and I will say it again, Bobrisky is a threat to the Trans community in Nigeria and it is high time we called him what he is, a fraud!!


”I am never one to misgender anyone but Bobrisky is (based on this comment) a man in a woman’s clothing for profit and that’s not what being Trans is.