A former governorship aspirant in Lagos State, Babatunde Gbadamosi has narrated his experience with COVID-19.

Gbadamosi tested positive for the virus and has been on treatment for seven days, alongside his family.

On his Twitter page, he described COVID-19 as an engineered bio-weapon, saying that nobody he knows must die from it.

Among other medications, Gbadamosi in a Twitter thread, revealed that he ate bitter kola daily with his family as they battled coronavirus.

He called out Facebook for not promoting his post, adding that the platform wants everyone to die of COVID-19.

Part of his tweet read: “Facebook owner and staff want everyone to die of Covid-19. They don’t want me sharing how I recovered from it. I say good riddance.

“If Twitter likes, let them also suspend me. Nobody I know must die from this engineered Bio-weapon called COVID-19!

“I ate at least one bitter kola daily with other medications.”