A Nigerian man, who claimed that he mistakenly impregnated his girlfriend, has taken to social media to solicit help for baby-related items.


In a Twitter thread on Friday, Aderonmu said it has been a tough task shouldering the attendant responsibilities since they welcomed their baby on Thursday.


He called on Nigerians to help them with towels, blankets, sleeping net, diapers among other baby-related items.


He also explained that he decided to seek help on the platform considering the fact that he had no other option as family members refused to assist them.


 “I mistakenly impregnated my girlfriend when I’m not close to ‘having it together’ & yeah yesterday she got delivered a baby girl,” he wrote.

“Families aren’t helping so I’m asking if you have any baby stuffs you could give out pls help with it. I’m doing a lot of running around just said to try this


“We still need more clothing items like towels, blankets and sorts. Sleeping net, diapers…I don’t even know but if you have anything baby stuffs you could give out pls help us with. Thanks.


“I can’t even be ashamed to do this man. At this stage I’m literally running out of options.”


His post has since elicited mixed reactions on Twitter, with Nigerians sharing their different views on his ordeal.


“Mistakenly? For nine months you couldn’t plan? You knew you weren’t ready why not use protection? This is highly irresponsible of you,” a user wrote.


“The fact that you guys didn’t opt for abortion is good thing bro, God will help you guys!” another user wrote.


Here’s is what some Nigerians had to say: