Religion is gradually becoming something else, especially as it has been preached by many that we are currently in the end time. Many people no more have regards for how things are done and those who do either care little or have nothing to say to those who are misleading others.

With the many things happening around religion and especially in Christianity, I have gone the believe that we are actually in the end time as prophesied in the holy book, many would become lovers of themselves rather than the things of God, many also would begin to follow and believe in false prophets other than the truth.

A popular Igbo prophet has been spotted in the bush, in a river performing rituals with some of his church members, youths are lined up and naked waiting for the prophet in the river to perform the ritual. The Prophet is seen holding bundles of fifty naira (N50) notes.

The prophet was seen speaking in languages and spreading the fifty naira notes into the river, he ordered the clients not to look back, he was busy commanding blessings upon them as he continued.

The things people can do for money cannot be comprehended, one would not believe it if they were being told, I trust you also have not believed what I am writing about, wait until you watch the video for yourself. It is not a surprise since the Bible puts it clear that the love of money is the root of evil.

The popular Prophet Onyeze Jesus was seen wearing a white garment and holding bundles of fifty naira notes in his hands, speaking Igbo langue he made incantations and spread the notes both on the water and on the people in the water, the people lined up in the water consists of both men and women.

Many who have watched the video doubt if the people are aware of the camera recording them because he asked them not to look back, towards the ending of the video, it can be seen where the prophet slapped one of the people who looked back, he slapped the person and said ‘evil spirit’.

On the camera also, different colors of materials were seen tired to a corner of the tree, some meters away from where the prophet was performing the ritual for the people, nobody knows if they are actually his members, all everyone is saying is that he is a popular prophet in Anambara and that he has been known for money miracles.

Many people have been going to him for solutions to different problems but especially for the one miracle of money, financial Miracles. With the sight, I strongly doubt if this is a real man of God and the way his people responding, I do not think it is the first time.

Check out pictures from the rituals here;


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