IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu has said that the strategy of the Fulani is to use herdsmen from across the Sahel to conquer the ancestral lands of Nigerians.

Kanu said this in reaction to the ban placed on herdsmen and their activities in Ondo State by Governor Rotimi Akeredolu.

He said, “Is it not clear now to all and sundry, especially my Yoruba brethren, that Fulani grand stratagem is to use Fulani herdsmen terrorists from all across the Sahel to conquer our ancestral lands in the entire South, thereby turning the whole of #Nigeria into an almighty Fulani caliphate as #IPOB has been warning for years?

“In their ignorance, some ignorant Yoruba Fulanised commentators and journalists called us all manner of unprintable names just because we saw what they were unable to see many years back.

“Little did [some] few misguided individuals, know that Fulani terrorists in Aso Rock saw IPOB as the only credible obstacle on their path to the total conquest of the entire South.

“Today my Yoruba friends are feeling the full impact of true janjaweed intentions of this Fulani presidency on their lives,” he wrote.


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