The Igangan Development Advocates has said the people of the town and other communities in Ibarapaland in Oyo State have been under the alleged constant attacks and oppression of Fulani herdsmen in the area.

The convener of the IDA, Mr Oladiran Oladokun, who said this in a statement on Saturday, said the people had been crying for freedom for a long time with no one to help.

He said this was why youths throughout Ibarapaland trooped out on Friday to welcome Sunday Igboho to execute the eviction order he gave to the Seriki Fulani of Oyo State seven days earlier.

Igboho had addressed the youths on Friday, saying all criminal Fulani would not only be driven out of Igangan but from the entire Yorubaland.

The IDA convener said the people needed somebody who would remove the burden of their oppressors from their necks and Igboho offered to do that.

He said, “For years, farm plundering was their full-time business, growing audaciously in bounds even as the Seriki Saliu ensured no Fulani was prosecuted for offences they were caught committing.‌

“With no disciplinary measures ever meted at the now reverential Fulani herdsmen, their audacity has grown from just grazing upon the sweats of Ibarapa farmers to maiming and lynching any farmer who dares to raise a voice.

“Igangan and Ibarapaland are a peaceful place where the Fulani culture of undue exploitation under the draconian reign of their kingpins became cancerous.

“No one was spared that was why everyone was there when Sunday Igboho responded to our cry.”