A Member of the All Progressive Congress from Item Ward in Bende Local Government Area Mr Chukwu Abiayi has lamented how the Spokemen of the House of Representatives Hon. Benjamin Kalu abandoned him after using him to win Election in 2019.

Mr Chukwu took a WhatsApp Group (Bende People’s Congress) to lament how others who worked for PDP has been rewarded by their Party including the Immediate Past Transition Committee Chairman of Bende Local Government Area Mr Hagler Okorie.

He said since after the Election, Hon. Benjamin Kalu has not deemed it fit to even call him on phone.

Here is his Message

“I still loaded water in my mouth, Hon. Ben Kalu knows who link him that his election has been rigged, I stand by his side me and him decided to brings fuel so that all of us will die at the same time, he was there when I called the senior military officer and told him That my father was a late lieutenant that if he was not alive someone did this to his son would he be happy whenever he is before soldier called security meeting that lead Benjamin to victory, his friend Hagal that confusing him in his car has gained a position as transition chairman and finished his gain received car from Chima Anyanso, but I that delivered Benjamin Kalu have never received call from him, na only water full my mouth, Evang. Chukwu Abia”

He Released photos to buttress his points.


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