Aisha Yesufu who was once one of the most loved activists in Nigeria has seem to lose to the respect of many Nigerians in the country.

Most Nigerians insulted the Nigerian activist based on her comments concerning the Eastern Security Network created by Nnamdi Kanu. After Aisha Yesufu talked against the security group, tons of Nigerians have insulted her constantly.

Tuesday morning, the Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu who is someone that seems to always give a reply have responded to the insults that have rained on her based on the fact that people call her a Northerner.

See how Aisha Yesufu has blasted the Nigerians that insulted her.

The 46-year-old woman has announced that she is not a Northerner and the Nigerians insulting her should not be unfortunate.

After her heavy response to the insults, see what some Nigerians have said.


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