An Elder Statesman and Nigerian Politician identified as Bashir Today has warned those beating drums of war to stop doing so for the benefit of the country.

Recall there has been uprisings in different parts of the southern part of the country since an ultimatum was issued to Fulani Herdsmen to vacate the zone over cases of rising insecurity.

A Yoruba freedom fighter identified as Sunday Igboho has been at the forefront of pursing the Herdsmen from the south west while the Eastern Security Network coordinated by the proscribed secessionist group, IPOB has been championing the course in the south east region.

In a statement made available to Daily Trust Newspaper, Bashir Tofa, a Maiduguri-born elite condemned the unprovoked attacks on the Fulani Herdmen in the south might soon spiral out of control as the Northerners will retaliate which will be difficult to control. He said that the enemies of the country are more determined to set the people against one another so that we would burn.

Bashir called on President Muhammadu Buhari to take this uprising seriously in order to stop it by means. He called those stoking up tensions foolish leaders who have forgotten that their people reside in other parts of the country.

I subscribe to Bashir’s admonition that those engendering tension across the country to douse their fire and embrace peace. We have lived for so long that we all know what causes divisions among us.

Dialogue and negotiations are still the best ways to control these uprisings. We have millions of Southerners in the North and if they begin their attack, blood will flow. We can’t risk another war in this 21st century in which other countries are making tremendous progress.

Please, let peace reign. Let it reign.


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