The United States is probably the country with the most diverse people living in it. Asians, South Americans, Europeans and Africans all live in the country and many of them have even become legal citizens of the country. As such it is not something that should surprise anyone when you hear someone speaking a language that isn’t English in the country.

An Igbo man, Ifeanyi Okpala has taken to social media to reveal what happened to him after he was speaking his native language in a store in America.

His story was really insightful as it made more people, including myself to realize how far and just how much the Igbo people have achieved in a country like the USA.

Here’s what he posted;
“I was speaking igbo on the phone at Walmart. Someone came up and tapped me and said “Kedu”. I turned around and met an Igbo family. We got talking and I found out that the father has two PhDs in the USA – Economics & Accounting. He has been here since 1992. igbo na akwalite.”

“He told stories of how a lot of Igbos settled in Alabama back in the days. There were soccer teams & people congregated in homes at night to discuss & start businesses. Professionals from different walks of life. From Tuscaloosa, Birmingham to Montgomery, ọ dị ndụ. Community!”

This story really goes to show how much the Igbo people are successful and progressive. His story got people talking as many people were quite surprised that even in America, people still speak the Igbo language.


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