This is the Nigeria I love to see, the Nigeria where we look out for one another, the Nigeria where we see ourselves as one irrespective of ethnic or tribal affiliations, former presidential candidate Adamu Garba have taken to his official Twitter page to speak the mind of a lot of Nigerians, amid the tension currently brewing up in the western part of the country between Sunday Igboho and the Fulani herdsmen, Mr. Adamu has said that there will be no reprisal attack from the North, he also promised that the properties of the Igbo people in the Northern part of the country are secured, rounding up his tweet, he said that those who wish to see Nigeria return to its dark ages will continue to lose

Adamu Garba is one of the most active voices on the popular Twitter App, it is, therefore, something of note that such a tweet is coming from someone as influential as Mr. Garba, the tweet was met with mixed reactions, some users thanked Mr. Garba for at least speaking up while others who like to ferment trouble wherever they go used the opportunity to vent their frustration in the comment section.


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