Tottenham Hotspur boss, Jose Mourinho, has said that Chelsea defeated his team at home because Spurs didn’t have the ball and created chances during the first half.

Mourinho also criticized Carlos Vinicius for his display against Chelsea, adding that the striker failed to press properly and lacked understanding during the encounter.

Jorginho’s penalty gave Thomas Tuchel’s side all three points against Mourinho’s men at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Thursday night.

“It was a bit of a struggle but how many chances? The penalty?, Mourinho told BT Sport when asked to assess the match.

“So the struggle is what it is. We did not have the ball: correct. We did not create in the first half: correct. But the struggle was the penalty.

“In the end, it’s the penalty that decides the game because the couple of chances they had, the couple of chances we had, in the end, it’s scoring a penalty that is not a penalty that you say in a dangerous situation, one-vs-one, almost scoring.

“To lose a game with a penalty like this is a bit painful but in the second half we were different, this period was different, confidence too.

“I believe Lucas and Lamela helped the team to change a little bit their dynamic, but in the end, the feeling I have is we stick together until the end, fought together until the end, and that’s probably a positive thing that we take because tomorrow we have to train and Sunday we have to play. To finish this game with this positive spirit helps.”

Mourinho added: “Vinicius, for example, is a player that has incredible spirit but his understanding of how to press, the positions on the pressing are not something that he’s still comfortable with so it was difficult, yes, but no chances.”