The spokesperson of APC, Lagos State chapter, Joe Igbokwe has this morning spoken. In a post he made this morning, he decided to speak about the recent warning that was issued to Bola Tinubu, Jonathan and Belo, by MASSOB.

Based on that note, Joe Igbokwe decided to speak. While speaking, he made it clear that the noise about Biafra is just to blackmail other Nigerians, so as to produce a president of Igbo extraction.

He went on and stated that this is the understanding of the Igbos as it regards how to play politics in Nigeria. He continued and asked if this is how to win win votes of other Nigerians. Ending his post, he made it clear that the Igbos must have sense by force.

For the sake of equity and fairness, the Igbos should be given the opportunity to produce the next president of this country.

Joe Igbokwe might have a point here, but be it as it may, let the Igbos be allowed to produce the next president so that all these agitations will come to an end. Nigeria belong to all of us.


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