The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) has spoken about the rumoured financial sanctions by the US government against Nigeria and other anti-gay countries who are found guilty of violating the human rights and interests of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer and intersex (LGBTQI) people.

PFN said that Nigeria is an independent country who has the right to implement its own laws, and that US does not have the right to make decisions for Nigeria.

During an interview with Sahara Reporters on Wednesday concerning the issue of the financial sanctions from the US, PFN’s National Publicity Secretary, Emma Isong, said that the United States need to respect the decisions of Nigeria on this matter. He said that gay marriage is a sin against God, and that God frowns at it. He said that in the beginning God created Adam and Eve – that is man and woman – He did not create Adam and Steve – man and man.

He said that however the sanctions against Nigeria concerning the rights of gay in the country is still being regarded as a rumour, since it has not been made official by the US government to Nigeria.

While speaking further, he said that if the US Government is serious about this, then the Secretary of State of the United States should officially sign a letter telling us to become gay, then we will personally invite US President Joe Biden to come down to Nigeria and marry a man as his second wife, since he is so particular about the protection of the rights and interests of gay people in Nigeria. He said that Joe Biden needs to practice what he is preaching, and that by so doing, people will know that he is really serious about this.

The popular preacher said that since Nigeria signed the Same-Sex Prohibition Act, the country has not been serious about seeing to it that gay people in the country are dealt with. He said that America has probably seen the hypocrisy of Nigeria in enforcing this law, that is why they had the boldness to threaten imposing sanctions on Nigeria.

He said the annoying thing is that there are some gay, cross-dressers, and transgender people who openly disclose their identities on social media with reckless abandon, and the government has not done anything to arrest them or make them face the law. He said that no law enforcement officer has ever gone to the houses of these people to arrest them, and that Christian and Islamic leaders have not done enough in preaching against the practices of these people.

He said that these people walk about on the streets freely, they post their photos on social media to expose who they are, and that many of us even know some of these people, yet the government has never arrested any of them. And that the United States Government has seen that we are not serious about the implementation of the anti-gay law in our country, that is why they decided to take advantage of the situation.

The PFN said that the US cannot use sanctions to threaten Nigeria, because Nigeria is a sovereign state on its own, and not a state under America. He said that if they sanction Nigeria for anti-gay law, then Nigeria can also sanction them for supporting gay rights, and that there is nothing wrong with that. He said that the highest America can do is to increase their visa fees, and if that happens, Nigeria will also increase its own visa fees. And if America realizes its mistakes and tenders apology, Nigeria will also apologize too.

It should be recalled that in 2014, former president, Goodluck Jonathan, had signed the Same-Sex Prohibition Act into law, which prescribes a minimum of 10 to 14 years imprisonment for cohabitation between same-sex partners, registration of same-sex relationships, public display of same-sex union, participation in gay clubs, groups, and others.

But many believe that since the act was signed into law by the former president, Nigeria has not done enough to crack down on the gay people in the country. All over social media, we have seen people who publicly display their gay lifestyle and tendencies, and then is the issue of cross-dressers who seem to be increasing often, and sometimes it’s hard for the public to know if some of these cross-dressers are gays or not.

Many people believe that if the government had done enough in clamping down on such public displays, then it will be a deterrent to others, since gay practice is still a crime in Nigeria.

However, in a memorandum which was made known to the public, US President Joe Biden, he had threatened to take swift actions against Nigeria and other countries who are anti-gay, in a bid to protect the interests and rights of the gay people worldwide.

The sanctions had attracted mixed reactions from members of the public. Many said that this is a slap on the face of those Nigerians who supported Biden during the US election, and that they actually saw this coming, because it is bad for a president of a country to threaten another another country because of their own laws.

But to the gay and queer people in the country, the news probably came as good news to them, because they would feel that the threats of sanctions and others strict measures against Nigeria might make Nigeria to reconsider its stance on gay rights.

But from what PFN said, they do not want Nigeria to reconsider their stance on that. But we only have to wait to see how serious Biden is concerning these rumoured sanctions.

Do you think Nigeria should support gay practice in the country? Share your thoughts on this with us.


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