Angered by the incessant killings of innocent Nigerians by killer Fulani herdsmen, the Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical province (Anglican communion), The Most Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Chukwuma, Tuesday in Onitsha, Anambra state, warned the Fulani killer herdsmen to stay clear of the entire Southeast zone in their own interest or Nigerians would be ready for the second civil war.

Archbishop Chukwuma sounded the note of warning while fielding questions from newsmen during the second day of the four-day meeting of Church of Nigeria Standing Committee, currently being held at All Saints Cathedral Church, Onitsha and presided over by the Primate of the Anglican communion, His Grace, the Most Rev. Henry Ndukuba.

“They should keep off from here; we have suffered enough. If they don’t want a second civil war they should keep off Southeast.”

“We cannot tolerate their walking anyhow, killing our people and raping our women particularly now that the rainy season is coming for farming.

We have to really prevent danger. We want to warn them that if anything happens again, we will not take chances any more. Whatever violence they cause here they will regret it,” he fumed.

The cleric recalled the recent resolve of the Southeast Governors that open grazing is banned in the zone adding, “as far as Governors of the Southeast are concerned, we are supporting them, they are on the right track”.

“We cannot tolerate the Fulani herdsmen any longer, forget their cows, how can they be killing our people, raping our women, if anything happens again, we will not take chances. How can they be harassing everybody?

They should be declared terrorists. What IPOB was doing was a kind of agitation for their right but these killer herdsmen continue to cause this restlessness, it calls for serious action”

“The Fulani herdsmen are doing worse things and they are not declared terrorists, they should not be granted amnesty, they should be declared terrorists, they are dangerous and that is why they are killing people anyhow.”

“Mr. President is not saying anything about this their killing. It means Mr. President is encouraging terrorism. Fulani herdsmen should be declared terrorists, it is because they are not declared terrorists that they are doing what they are doing, killing people anyhow.

I am disappointed Mr President is not doing anything about it; it is not fair. If Mr. President is a true Nigerian, he should declare them terrorists and find a way of using the new service chiefs to deal decisively with them otherwise we will continue to have the restlessness,” he stated.


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