Pete Edochie, veteran Nollywood actor, has endorsed, Yul, his son, for the 2023 presidential race.

Yul broke the news in a video shared on his Instagram page on Thursday.


According to Pete, the development follows ceaseless pleas from young people asking him to openly endorse his son for the country’s topmost political office.


The veteran actor also expressed confidence that his son posses the right values and drive to steer the country forward.

He said while he is not interested in politics, he would not hold back his support for his son who has decided to delve into it.


“My values are very strong. I have my own children and they are very strong in that regard too. I am not one to be involved in politics. But you see, no all you children are bound to follow you,” he said.


“One of my sons, who incidentally is an actor, has decided that he wants to be a politician. Most of the youngsters have been bugging my phone asking me to endorse my son that they want him as president and l get amused. But they keep insisting daddy, we want Yul to be the president of this country.

“We like him. He is disciplined, sympathetic, he believes a lot in people. They have bothered me so much that today, I’m hereby presenting him to you. He has my blessing. He has my endorsement.”