A popular Nigerian islamic cleric/scholar has come out to condemn the lackadaisical attitude of the military towards their fight to end insurgence in Nigeria. The prominent Islamic scholar, Sheikh Gumi allegedly claimed that the Military don’t want to end the terrorism purposely because the group is benefiting from the terrors and the attacks of the insurgents.

He laid a solid empathy on the issue of Banditry and Bandits in Nigeria. In his statement, Gumi made it known that the Bandits are ready to surrender and do away with their atrocities if only the government/ Buhari-led administration would listen to their cries and do just want the group wants: which are the provision of some social amenities like Hospital, Schools, provision of water.

Sheikh Gumi attested that the Military have not been doing much to end the incessant attacks of the insurgents because they are beneficiaries of the funds allocated to end the terrorism. In line with what the cleric discussed while on a featured programme with Arise TV, Gumi said:


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