A Fulani Professor, Umar Labdo who is the National Secretary of Fulani Development Association of Nigeria (FULDAN) has revealed how the Fulani have helped in the development of Nigeria and what the association will do if herdsmen are banned from south.

Speaking in an interview with Vanguard, the Professor condemned the quit notice given to Fulani herdsmen by the Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu, saying that as a SAN, he should be aware that it is against the law of Nigeria.

He added that there is crime in all tribes, adding that the fact that Yahoo boys are mainly Yorubas, and Drug pushers are mainly Igbos does not mean all Yorubas are Yahoo boys and all Igbos are Drug pushers. He stressed that if banditry or kidnapping is found mainly among the Fulani does not mean all the Fulani are criminals.

He said that the picture leaders in the South are painting is that the Fulani tribe is a dangerous one and are indirectly telling their people to attack Fulani, adding that when this occur, they will have to defend themselves which will then lead to chaos.

He said that 50 years ago, the Fulani were living in the bush but no one called them criminals and that the colonial government recognized the Fulani as great contributors to the economic development of Nigeria and that was why the image of a Fulani was seen in the Nigeria’s pound inherited by the naira. He buttress the fact that the Fulani have contributed to the development of Nigeria by telling Nigerians to look at the Naira and they will see pictures of cows.

He also said that if one checks the old postage stamps issued by colonial masters, pictures of Fulani and cows will be seen and that the Colonial Government knew that Fulani are not criminals. He also said that if Fulani herdsmen are banned from the south, the Fulani Association will have no option but to retaliate because they contributed to the development of Nigeria.

The Fulani Professor called on the Government to help the Fulani with more settlement, adding that they are citizens and not empty handed. He also said that Fulani are rich people, adding that their wealth are on four legs (cows) and that no one can claim that they have bog eaten cow meat.

He stated that Fulani are doing well in various sectors in Nigeria, and even those in politics are representing the interest of Nigeria and should never be seen as less of a human being.


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