When a man has travelled and encountered those outside is ethnic group, he begins to appreciate the beauty in multi-ethnic interaction and integration of the lives and cultures if other ethnic groups.

Nigeria as an country is made up of several ethnic groups though Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba are the three major ethnic groups of the country. Recently, there has been cases of insecurity and clashes between some ethnic groups in Nigeria. Just recently, the Hausas and Yorubas in Ibadan Oyo state clashed, which led to destruction of lives and property.

According to Major news platforms, about 4 people have been feared dead in Ibadan Oyo state following the recent clash between Hausas and the Yorubas.

To this ugly development of ethnic clash and fights, Nigerian talented singer and music producer who is also an entrepreneur has added his voice to this bad development. Peter Okoye who is professionally called Mr. P after his splitting apart with his twin brother Paul Okoye from the famous Psquare Musical group.

The singer took to his official Twitter handle to lament this state of tribalism and ethnic clashes which has led to loss of lives and property.
See what he wrote:

I am an Igbo man, married to a Yoruba woman. I grew up in the North, schooled in the North and started my career in the North. Today I speak Hausa fluently. This ethnicity, tribalism and racism has to stop.

This his message is a call for unity and peace. His message is an appreciation of all the major ethnic groups of Nigeria which he now enjoys through birth, upbringing and eventually marriage.

This is a call for both the Igbo man, Yoruba man and the Hausa man to see themselves as one for peace and unity to be realized. No need to kill one another as all of us are Nigerians. Also, this is also a call to all relevant security to swing into action in order to protect lives and property of citizens against hoodlums who like using such chaotic period to inflict mayhem and disaster on law abiding Nigerians.


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