Speaking on the backdrop of the various eviction notice that has been served to herders in some state, the national security secretary of Miyetti Allah, Mr Alhassan Saleh, said that it is unconstitutional to send herders out of any part of Nigeria, and even if there happens to be any criminal amongst them it will then become the job of security forces to fish those criminals out and arrest and prosecute them. Saleh said a dangerous precedent is being set if herders are sent packing from the south west, so the best way to solve the herders and farmers clashes problem is for the state government to establish ranches for these herders and also create routes for them and their animals.

Reacting to the eviction notice issued to herders, Saleh said nobody has the right to evict herdsmen and even if they are evicted they will resist eviction, herders are living in harsh condition already and if they don’t resist eviction they would be wiped out of the planet. If you kill a herder don’t sleep with your two eyes closed because we will revisit you, and it is not because we hate your tribe but it is because herders are being attacked one way or the other and they have now found a way to retaliate. The Herdsmen that are being attacked are innocent, Saleh Said.


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