The Chief Judge of Ondo State, Justice Olanrewaju Akeredolu, has denied the allegation against her by Mr. Olupelumi Fagboyegun, who claimed that the CJ ordered his remand for three years without trial.


Fagboyegun, who claimed to be a brother to the CJ in a viral video, on Monday, called on Nigerians to assist him to get justice on the matter, alleging that the CJ was using her power on him.


In a reaction posted on, Justice Akeredolu denied the allegation leveled against her by Fagboyegun, saying the matter was the handiwork of some persons who were using Fagboyegun against her family.


She also said Fagboyegun had a paternity issue with her family.


She said two years after her father died, somebody bearing his name filed a suit against her mum, two of her brothers, and the eldest male of her father’s family, stating that they should exhume her father’s body and do a DNA because Olupelumi alleges to be her father’s son.


She said he (Olupelumi) filed a Writ of Summons which was served on her mum which itself made her mum felt agitated and embarrassed.


According to her, a lawyer who filed the Writ told her that Fagboyegun alleged that he was born in the household of her grandmother; and that, his mother was living with her (CJ) grandmother when he was born.




She said, “One or two years after my mum died, he went to one of my father’s premises, where my cousin wanted to establish a poultry farm. One morning, he went with thugs wielding cutlasses but he was prevented from entering the premises.”


She alleged that Olupelumi also came with thugs and cutlass wanting to take over one of their premises, adding that her cousin responded by inviting the police to arrest him.


She stressed that the matter had nothing to do with her.