It was on the news today that the men of the Nigerian Army are carrying out an attack against the men of the Eastern Security Network, a security outfit which was recently established by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

Based on that, a certain man on twitter with the username “@DoctorEmto” made a certain tweet this morning as it regards to the happening in Orlu. According to the tweet he made, he stated it clearly that Orlu in Imo State is not a forest, but an urban settlement.

He went on and made it clear that he doesn’t understand what the Nigerian military is doing in Orlu town. He went on and reminded them that Orlu is the second largest city in Imo State, after Owerri. He ended his tweet by making it clear that what is happening in Orlu today is war and nothing less, because the federal government has declared war on Nigerians.

This is really uncalled for. If the Nigerian Army wants to go against the ESN, they should look for them in the forest and not in residential areas.

Moreover, these ESN are not going against civilians, they are only going after the killer herdsmen. Does it mean that the army are in support of what these herdsmen are doing? This action of the army stands to be condemned in its entirety.


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