This weeks Pendulum, an article titled; “trust me, something fishy is going on”, was written by the CEO and publisher of Ovation International, Chief Dele Momodu, and published by This Day. Here, Momodu wrote about the recent happenings in the country and explained why the Igbos are not to be blamed for seeking Biafra.

First, Momodu pointed out that the level insecurity in the country at this moment is worse than it was in 2015. Blaming the present government, he described the insecurity witnessed then as a child’s play to what is seen now.

Next Momodu touched on the recent meetings between Islamic cleric, Sheikh Gumi and the some of the bandit terrorising the North. And said that under the watch of the present government, the narative that these bandits are fighting for a reason is being sold.

Recall that Sheikh Gumi stated after the meeting that the bandits said they went into crime because they were being “persecuted, arrested, lynched” unjustly.

Momodu added in his article that at least Nigerians know what the Ijaw militants and IPOB are fighting for, but no good explanation has been given as to why herdsmen and bandits do what they do although nothing justifies crime.

Finally, on why the Igbos shouldn’t be blamed for wanting a country of their own, he said that President Buhari has shown no mercy to them. He added that at every opportunity the Army is used to “crush” any perceived act of rebellion from them.


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