Femi Fani-Kayode, a former minister of aviation, says he would never sacrifice his principles or integrity for money or politics.

Fani-Kayode, a vocal critic of the ruling government, had recently met with Yahaya Bello, governor of Kogi, and Mai Mala Buni, Yobe governor and chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) caretaker committee.


Bello had subsequently claimed that Fani-Kayode intends to cross over to the APC. He said the former minister approached him about his desire to leave the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).


In a statement posted on Facebook on Sunday, Fani-Kayode said his recent meeting with the two governors was not defection-related.

Fani-Kayode said he was born into wealth and has never lacked it, stating that his meeting was aimed at building bridges and fostering national unity.


“I stand on all my beliefs, core values and principles. I am the voice of the voiceless, I am a warrior, I fear nothing, I fear no-one, I am as constant as the northern star and I will ALWAYS stand against evil,” he said.


“Speaking to other leaders across party lines in order to build bridges, engender peace, foster stability and enhance national unity ought not to create such national and international rage, panic and pandemonium.



“Are we so divided that we can’t even talk to one another and take pictures together without causing a public stir and setting the Internet on fire? You insult me and say I am scared of prison because I had a meeting with two APC Governors?


“Do you know how many PDP and APC Governors and leaders I interact with and meet regularly? Do you know how many I talk to on a daily basis? Do you know that I was prosecuted for 7 years by PDP Governments who tried to jail me simply for speaking out against them yet it did not deter me? Ask those that were in the Yar’adua and Jonathan administration.


“You insult me and say I am broke because I had talks with two APC Governors. Do you know that I spend more on my monthly salary bill in one month than some of these people that are claiming I am broke earn in 5 or 10 years. I have 55 domestic staff in my house alone. Not one of them gets below 70,000 naira per month which is higher than the national minimum wage. I do not owe salaries and I feed each of them three square meal.


“Some of us were born into wealth and have never lacked it. We were born into politics too. We were born into the circles of power so nothing moves us. What have I not had or enjoyed in life from a very young age? Where have I not been? I came to the conclusion long ago that all is vanity and that material wealth means nothing. I would never sacrifice my principles or integrity for it.”