He said all those kids (Nnamdi Kanu’s supporters) claiming stuff about him don’t realize what an old man like him sees when lying down, a kid can’t see it when he scales a tree or a mountain. He said he has multi-million Naira savings spread across the globe, and he can’t abandon them to build Biafra.

He said he had investments in Lagos, Abuja and even outside the world, so expect him to leave them behind to return to Biafra, for what? From his expression, nobody has to tell you he doesn’t endorse Biafra’s formation. See the video here, though he said it with Igbo words.

His remarks caused Biafra backers blast him in Facebook’s video comment section. I don’t know whether Joe Igbokwe’s saying makes sense or not. Even the bible states that wherever a man’s property is, that’s where he’ll be. He’s invented beyond Igbo territory, and that’s where his mind is, Biafra doesn’t care. What do you think about his words, like, post and follow me.


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