Toyin Lawani, Nigerian fashion stylist, has stunned many of her fans with a racy photo shoot on the occasion of her 39th birthday.

The entrepreneur took to her Instagram page on Monday to flaunt photos of herself completely unclad with her body designed with flowery tattoos.


She, however, said the photos shot by her fiance should simply be seen as art.


Lawani also accompanied one of the photos with a lengthy post wherein she reflected on the prevalence of gender inequality in the society.

She said it was unfortunate that women have continued to suffer discrimination because of certain age-long erroneous beliefs about them.


“They’re things I don’t worry myself about because the society does all of the worrying like they believe a woman can’t afford certain lifestyle genuinely or attain certain height from dedication and hard work,” she wrote.


“I show you real-life content when I’m doing my various jobs, some men can’t even do what I do daily, but they like to give commands, cause they feel women are their toys to bore children and serve them.


“In a world ruled by men that set limits to the female on what, where & how. Would that be a topic to worry about? Yeah, I said the society does all of the worrying. I stand to rule without limitation or boundaries.”


The mother of two said she has learned to overcome such negativity by paying less attention to what the society thinks of women while working on herself.


“I’m not held back by what the society worries, I’m a woman who has paid my dues who works tirelessly day and night legitimately to feed my kids and people who depend on me. I’m a woman who works daily on my various goals and I don’t let society stop me with their beliefs,” she added.


“I have a daughter and I have a son. They breathe same oxygen, eat alike and attain alike, and ill not set boundaries on where she can get to in life or where he can get to in life because gender is not a measure of success or height. We can’t be enslaved because of our gender.”