Dancehall artiste, Friday Igwe better known as Baba Fryo has averred that his name was soiled in Ajegunle.

The artiste noted in an interview with The Nation that  he will try his best to make sure entertainment returns to the vicinity.

According to him:”I don’t think that is the main issue. To live in Ajegunle is not the issue. The main thing is to represent wherever you are. What has those living in Ajegunle done for themselves? At least we still have youths who have made name in Ajegunle and are still living there, how have they made Ajegunle progress? Some of us outside are still the ones holding fort and promoting Ajegunle. I will try my best and see how entertainment will return fully. The problem of AJ is that some of those young artistes have poisoned the minds of some fans to hate the ones before them. If you hate the ones before you, how do you want to progress? Because those ones paved the way for you. We took Ajegunle to the world.

Still, if we go outside show, they are not known and they say we don’t want people to know them. Is it not who they know and recognize that they would call to work?  If you know that your music is not yet known, why don’t you follow the known with good heart and begin to know who they know? I have brought people up in Ajegunle but they sabotaged me. They soiled my name round Ajegunle all because they want to use me to shine. What I will just say is that the end will justify. I will still do what I can notwithstanding”.