Prophet Williams Onuoha is one of the most popular prophets in Nigeria, no doubt about that. He’s also one of the people that have been fighting for the freedom of the Biafran people. He’s been saying things about the freedom of Biafra. He’s the general overseer of the Galilee christian church. A video has surfaced in Facebook, in the video, he was interviewed about the freedom of Biafra.

He said that all the Igbo people need right now is Biafra, nothing else. The Igbos want their freedom, and if the freedom is granted for them, then they will be good. He even used some biblical examples about freedom. He said that in the bible, God orders Pharaoh to give the Israelites their freedom.

So he indicated that God also wants freedom for everyone including the Igbo people. He said that the Igbo people have suffered enough, all they need right now is that freedom. He said that our leaders take the Igbo people as slaves, but right now they ain’t any slaves for anybody because all they want is their own country.


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