Kamaru Usman, Nigerian-American mixed martial artist, says he used to hawk fufu while residing in Auchi, Edo state.


The 33-year-old brought this revelation to light during an interview with ChannelsTV’s Gist Nigeria on Wednesday.


Usman also revealed that he farmed in the village and sold petty products for his mother as the family tried wallowing out of the puddle of poverty.


“We grew up in the village. We farmed. I used to hawk Akpu on my head. I put hot Akpu on my head,” he said.

“It’s a struggle every day: How you gonna eat next week, next month. We owned a small store where we sold clothes and shoes and everything that sells. My mom was a hustler.”


The family, however, moved to Texas in the United States when Usman was 8 years.


Kamaru, nicknamed The Nigerian Nightmare, also talked about Samira, his daughter, and her little interest in working out in the gym with him.

He, however, insisted that she will be trained in the basic moves that are necessary for self-defense.


“From about 6 months and 3 and half years of her life, she went to the gym with me every day. Then she hit about 5 years and then she started saying, ‘you know I’m not going to do this sport, daddy.’ I have accepted that,” he added.


“She’s got her thing: gymnastics. Just for self-defense, Jujitsu. But she must know how to control the situation if anything happens.”


Usman remains undefeated since he fought his way into the UFC. He will be facing Jorge Masvidal, another undefeated juggernaut, on April 24.