The Abia State Police Command has vowed to deal decisively with anyone seen with arms during the Aba North/Aba South Federal Constituency bye-election holding tomorrow, March 27.

The police stated this while assuring citizens of its preparedness to “ensure the safety of voters, all those connected to the election and indeed all citizens”.

“Recall that the President had given orders that anyone seen with illegal arms be shot on sight. We are fully prepared to carry out the orders of Mr President and shoot to kill anyone sighted with weapons of any kind, during and even after the election. We will not tolerate any act of thuggery or brigandage from anyone or groups of persons no matter who their sponsors are.

“We warn troublemakers to steer clear of Aba or any other place in Abia State or face the full wrath of our force.

We also wish to add that we will enforce the restrictions on movement as announced by the State Government for a smooth electoral process.

“All politicians with police attachees should not visit the polling stations/units and RACs with security.

“Those sponsoring and arming thugs for the election will also be decisively dealt with no matter who they are”, the statement concluded.


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