It seems the former aviation minister, PDP chieftain and socio-political commentator, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode won’t let cease to take swipes at Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s speech of errors at the 12th Tinubu’s colloquium held at Kano State in his honour at the occasion of his 69th birthday very soon, as he has, once again, attacked him by asking if Tinubu made another mistake when he paused and looked vacantly into the air for 20 seconds during his speech.

According to a post he made on his Facebook page, he wrote: ” you say you mentioned 50 million ‘by mistake’ & that you meant to say 50 thousand. Fair enough. Did you make another ‘mistake’ when you paused and looked vacantly into the air for 12 seconds during your speech? Was that an error too or did you just forget what you wanted to say?”

Truly, in the video, that has gone viral now, Tinubu was seen taking a long pause after making a statement that would later spark reactions from all walks of Nigeria. For about 12 seconds, Tinubu went on hibernation before he continued his speech.

Recall that FFK had asked series of thrilling questions from Tinubu after he purportedly suggested the recruitment of 50 Million Nigerian youths into the Nigerian Army. For instance, he asked if he had 50 million weapons to arm them and enough millions of dollars to feed them and cater for their hospital bills.

Just as it is known of Nigerians that they will not keep mum on matters like this, many have taken their turns on the elder statesmen and grilled him with persecuting questions. Some even asked if he could sacrifice his children for the territorial defence and integrity of the nation.

It is disturbing, however, that politicians tend to make implausible promises and statements during campaigns and national programs to soothe their audience. It is a misrepresentation of integrity, dignity and truthfulness in democracy, hence, it should be discouraged.


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