The state of insecurity in Nigeria has developed into another crisis at the moment. The Southerners seem to be frustrated about the recent dominance of Herdsmen in their territory. According to reports, unknown Gunmen are currently threatening the peace and security of the South East.

The point now is that we don’t know whether the Group are Herdsmen or frustrated Southerners. However, it’s now clear that the Government needs to address the issue of break-up before it takes more lives.

A couple of weeks ago, Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo revealed the implication of a break-up to Nigerians. According to Osinbajo, Nigerians would have to make use of Visa to travel to Kano, Lagos and Enugu if they settle for a break-up.

After the recent attacks by Gunmen in Imo State, Aisha Yesufu believes the Government needs to have a dialogue with the people of the nation. She said: “The nuisance value that might come from this Buhari Presidency might well be the separation of Nigeria. It is glaring that Nigeria needs to have a conversation on whether to remain as one or go its separate ways. I am okay with seeking for Visa to Kano, Lagos and Enugu”


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