In recent times, it is beginning to look like the agitation to restore biafra is taking a very serious tone. There have been louder calls for referendum, as well as open attacks on government officials, security units as well as anything or anyone that looks like an opposition to achieving that goal.

According to an alleged statement that was made by Chief John Nnia Nwodo, a popular Nigerian Economist, minister and the 9th President general of the Ohaneze Ndi-igbo, the highest insults he has received in his life is from the young generation of Igbos who have attacked him whenever he talks about Igbo presidency and and restructuring.

According to him, these younger ones do not believe that there is anything left in Nigeria to restructure, as they rain insults on him whenever he brings up the talk of an Igbo man as Nigeria’s president or talk about restructuring. He also said that there is no belief that an Igbo president can solve their problems.


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